Car Import to Canada in Vancouver, BC

Best Canada Car Importing Company

Want to import your auto, car, truck, van, trailers, tractor, or any other vehicles to Canada? Choose Bidbuy Importers, one of the best auto importers and a trusted partner for efficient car import solutions in Vancouver, Surrey, BC, and Blaine, Seattle, WA. For many years we have been offering the highest quality Canada car import and export services and have successfully handled the export-import of thousands of cars in Canada.

Bidbuy Importers Offers Followings For Car Import to Canada—

  • US Customs 72 hour Export Prior Notice Title Submission service
  • Any needed recall letter for your vehicle
  • Preparation of mandatory licensing
  • Delivery of your documents to Customs for getting pre-clearance
  • Presenting your vehicle for inspection and remitting various fees, and taxes to Customs
  • Undertake any modifications(if needed)
  • Canada Customs Brokerage Release and Entry Service
  • Safe and insured transportation of your car into Canada
  • Preparation, Submission, and Processing of Canada RIV(Registrar of Imported Vehicles) Form
  • Comprehensive Auto Export/Import Consultation and Document services
Car Import to Canada in Vancouver, BC

How to Import Car to Canada?

To import a car to Canada, get in touch with Bidbuy Importers by initiating a free quote and we will assist you through the whole auto import process. We are here to assist you with any automobile shipping questions you have.

Choose Bidbuy Importers; Best Canada Car Importing Company Because We Nurture and Value Customer Relationships!!!