Recall Clearance Letter

Recall Clearance Letters

Bidbuy Importers provides recall clearance letters for all make and models. Please enter your VIN# in the field below to search for any outstanding recalls.

A recall letter (also known as recall clearance letter) is issued by your vehicle’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). It states if any outstanding recalls are there on your vehicle or not. A recall is a safety defect existing on your vehicle due to the original process of manufacturing. It is the responsibility of the OEM to inform the last owner and fix the issue at their own cost. To avoid any unneeded delays, you must get this information before proceeding to import the vehicle.

The letter should be written on the official letterhead of the company and come from the head office of the OEM. It must be signed duly along with the name as well as the position of an official at the OEM. You must note that it shall not be accepted if the logo of the manufacturer is not there on the letter.

A printout from a US dealer is also acceptable in few cases. However, you must keep in mind that the American dealer should not be a re-seller but an authorized dealer. To get confirmation whether the dealer is an authorized one and not a re-seller, you can call the manufacturer’s head office and give details of concerned dealership’s location.

Another point worth noted in this regard is that company stamp needs to be fixed to the printout. Moreover, the letter should also include the vehicle’s 17 digit VIN(Vehicle Identification Number).

The letter needs to clearly state that “this vehicle has no outstanding recalls” to prove that your vehicle has no outstanding recalls. Before the release of your Vehicle Inspection Form, the letter needs to be shown to the RIV department.

In case, your vehicle is having a recall, then various repairs must be completed. After the completion of all needed repairs, you will get an invoice containing the same work order number as contained in your recall letter. After this, you should take the invoice along with the recall letter from the dealer to be presented as proof to your federal inspection for having completed the outstanding recall.

You might need 2 recall letters in case you want to import a Bus, Motor, Conversion Van, Limousine or any other vehicle requiring multiple manufacturers. Meanwhile, in some cases, an only single letter is needed, like, for example, the final stage manufacturer can issue a recall clearance letter that refers to the OEM recall information.

Generally, the recall letter issued by the final stage manufacturer shall state “Please contact the chassis manufacturer for recall details”. You are responsible for knowing the required number of recall letters; however, your final stage manufacturer’s can certainly help you in this regard.

If you have any outstanding recalls please have them done by your local Dealer/Manufacturer prior to importation to either Country. Bidbuy Importers can arrange your entire process in Vancouver, Surrey, BC, and Blaine, Seattle, WA. with an easy call to 1-844-505-1555