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We are, the professional car importer in Blaine and Vancouver, welcome you to the world of auto import. We are a leading name in automobile importing, providing a wide range of services to fast-track the process of importing in Vancouver, BC, and Blaine, WA. We are fully equipped with the required expertise and experience to handle varied kinds of vehicles and ensure the whole import procedure is handled smoothly.

Who We Are

Want to enjoy an excellent buying and ownership experience? Look no further for a car importer. When it comes to importing vehicles to the US or Canada, we undertake the responsibility of making the entire process of import become stress-free for you. Armed with extensive knowledge, we are duly equipped to handle any type of auto import process.

Superior Customer service is our top priority and we feel pride in extending excellent and professional services to our esteemed clients at unbeatable prices. We take time to understand the requirements of our customers to offer the highest quality auto import service in our industry. Safety is our hallmark and we abide by various safety standards, whether it is EPA compliance, airbags or open safety recalls. Because we are dedicated to serving our customers’ requirements, anytime, every time.


We are a Fully Licensed car transportation and car importation company providing services to cross your Vehicles/Trailers through the International Borders during Covid.

  • -Automobiles Transport
  • -RV Transport
  • -Boat Transport
  • -Trailers Transport
  • -All Equipment

We also transport pets!

Registered Car Importers

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Auto Import to The US

Bidbuy Importers is duly registered as an auto importer with the US Department of Transportation. So, when you choose us for your auto import requirements, you can stay assured of getting bonded and certified vehicles that can be sold and registered easily and lawfully. We supervise various aspects of the car import process to ensure its compliance with US Customs and Border Protection, and US Environmental Protection Agency, apart from US Department of Transportation specifications.

We offer:

  • US Customs Brokerage Release and Entry Service.
  • Transportation of Vehicles in the US.
  • Registered Car Import Services(as and when needed).
  • Storage of vehicles in Blaine WA.

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And Car Exporters

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Auto Import to Canada

Want to import your car, auto, van, truck, tractor trailers, or any other vehicle to Canada? Choose Bidbuy Importers, a trusted partner for efficient auto import solutions. For many years we have been offering the highest quality car import and expert services and have successfully handled export-import of thousands of vehicles.

We offer:

  • US Customs 72 hour Export Prior Notice Title Submission service
  • Canada Customs Brokerage Release and Entry Service
  • Vehicle Transportation into Canada
  • Preparation, Submission, and Processing of Canada RIV(Registrar of Imported Vehicles) Form

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Customs Brokerage and Shipping Services In & Near Blaine, WA

At our car importing-exporting company, our services are not restricted to importing cars to Canada or the US. We offer much more than that. We stay dedicated to offering the optimum level of Customs Brokerage and Shipping services to our prestigious customers in Vancouver, BC, and Blaine, WA.

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We strive to make your auto buying or selling experience simple and enjoyable with a perfect amalgamation of knowledgeable team, highly-competitive pricing and supreme customer services.

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